I will write Web API, WebService in NodeJS ExpressJS

Last modified: October 12, 2016

Hi there,
Do you have a MEAN Stack Web  App in Progress or planning to develop a new one?
Do you have very limited budget?
I will write  1 web API / WebService for you as a basic Gig.
It will be written using NodeJS in ExpressJS Web Framework with integration with Mongoose Schema
Code will be according to standards and it will be self documented code.
I will also provide explanation of logic as asked.
So what are you waiting for?
Are you a Mobile Developer looking for backend specialist? Contact Me for complete solution

Price can be negotiated depending on the Requirement.
If you want multiple versions then check my Extras,
You can order multiple for multiple web services and web APIs.
Thanks for your time.


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    October 15, 2016
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    I am a Software Engineer not only by profession, but also by passion. I have an experience of 4 years in java and web development.